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I have worked with a number of public speaking clients, but I think I am most proud of my work with Beanstalk - a Children's literacy charity.

Beanstalk is a charity close to my heart - as an illiterate child and adult I can empathise with both the charity and it's clients. I have given a number of speeches for Beanstalk and each has been emotional for the audience and myself. That is a good thing. I speak with passion and the audience knows that what they are hearing comes from experience and the heart. I know the audiences (sometimes the toughest of audiences) hear a story that resonates - I never thought I would have to stand on stage and follow royalty, Boris Johnson, Toby Young and other accomplished speakers, but getting a standing ovation after that tells me I do something right (that and the £200k I helped raise at a recent event!).

Overcoming the odds.

Probably not the name of my new book, but a key topic of my speeches.

This site and my books cover my background in detail, but I talk about how despite what seem the worst possible circumstances and the curve balls that get thrown at us, it is the choices you make and how you handle situations that is the most important thing. I went from a terrible, abused childhood to speaking on the same stage as the most privileged - it was the choices I made and how I handled situations that mattered.


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