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Paul Connolly: a bestselling author and experienced motivational speaker has written the incredible life story 'Against All Odds’. First published in 2010, the book has sold over 500,000 copies and remains a solid seller. It was one of only a few recently featured in the celebration of Amazon's 5 Years of Kindle.

The first book details Paul's life story and how he overcame terrible adversity, yet went on to become a world renowned personal trainer, coach and most importantly family man. His second highlights the changes his success as a best selling author has allowed him to make for others, but mainly the importance of making difficult choices and taking positive action.

Paul has appeared in numerous TV and radio shows (including a one hour prime time documentary) and delivered many motivational talks in corporate, special interest and fundraising environments including a well received speech in The House of Lords.

At a recent fundraising event one single donor contributed over £100,000, when asked why such a large contribution, they replied “Paul’s talk had moved me so much that I felt I wanted to donate a large sum of money to such a great cause.”

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Paul's key message is that no matter how badly the odds seem to be stacked against you, with determination, a positive attitude and with the support of those around you, it is possible to make a profound difference not just to your own life, but to those of others.

If you know of any companies, charities or other events whereby Paul’s story and engaging style would be inspiring then please contact us.


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