Book Services

So many people approached me about how I became a bestselling author, I decided to share my experience and bring together a set of professional advisors that can help anyone take an idea forward into a form suitable for publishing.

The key difference with me is that I understand everyone has their own passion and project and from my Personal Training background, that every one of us needs personal care and attention.

I started writing Against All Odds as someone who was illiterate into their 20's, but now I am on target to sell a million copies! I learned a lot of lessons along the way...

From the time I started putting together my notes after hearing time and again "you should write a book about this" I began learning. I can share my experience with you and bring together a team of supporting professionals. We will make sure this is tailored to fit your personal goals for your work - I know one size doesn't fit all.

Ghost writers, agents, publishers, literary agents, royalties, commissions, marketing, e-book deals...

As you get to know me, you'll appreciate that I won't sugar coat things and will share my views on the publishing process. I thought it would be simple and my naiveté and sheer determination got me a long way, but I didn't do everything right. I will work with you to explain the process I went through with the first and second book and help guide you through the maze of publishing and the people and stages involved. I will also share my personal experience and how I worked with a ghost writer, agent and publisher to get the book published and the lessons (good and bad) I learned.

It doesn't stop when you are published...

Getting your book published is really just the first step - you may get a little help if you work with a publisher, but I have learned an incredible amount about generating publicity, word of mouth and how to present my story in print, radio and TV (yes, proper primetime TV). Much as I love my publisher (yes, John), the old 90% perspiration adage holds true - I will tell you how I personally created a lot of marketing impact with relatively little cash and what to expect (or demand) from a publisher if you work with one.