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In and out of trouble from a young age, Paul's life has taken more turns than most could handle, but he conquered his past and looks to future!

From abandoned in a children's home to a bestselling author, Paul's life has been terrifying as well as rewarding and his first book Against All Odds really brings this home. Find it on Amazon here

Early Life

Growing up in an abusive Children's Home, Paul became one of the only survivors amongst his childhood friends.

When Paul Connolly was just two weeks old, his mother put him out with the rubbish. “one of the neighbours heard me crying and called the police. They came and got me, and I was taken away by social services.”

Then, at the age of eight he was moved to St Leonard’s children’s home in Tower Hamlets. It was to be a life-changing move, for all the wrong reasons. From the Principal, down, the home was run by a paedophile ring. From then on, Paul’s childhood and schooling was filled with violence and mental torture.

With no real schooling and no positive male role models, Paul gained a reputation as a violent schoolboy, which at least protected him from the attentions of his potential abusers. When he was nine, he joined a boxing club. Here, he finally found a group of men who took him in, trained him and fed him.


Set to become a professional boxer at the age of 18, a severe accident meant that he had to reevaluate his life after a dramatic accident.

He gained qualifications to become a fitness trainer, brought himself back to fitness and became the first personal trainer in the City of London and created Boxerobics ™ and went on to work on Elle McPherson's  The Body video.

Paul is now a successful celebrity personal trainer and is well recognised in the health and fitness industry as a personal trainer and specialist conditioning coach. His website is  SpecialistConditioning.com

personal life

Loving father, friend and role model

More than any work achievements, Paul is most proud of his two sons. He has also become a role model for survivors of childhood abuse and a beacon for those who need a figure they relate to. Now having worked with people such as Lord Listowell, Lord Archer, Boris Johnson and Esther Rantzen, Paul tells people anything is possible despite a terrible start in life.


Creator of Boxerobics ™ and instructor on the pilot for Elle McPhersons fitness video

Taking his personal training and boxing backgrounds, Paul established the fusion of fitness routines and went on to create innovative new workouts and programmes - such as those that went into The Body video where he developed the pilot with the production company.

Discovered a way to treat Scoliosis via muscle treatments

Paul has helped many clients cancel planned surgery and free themselves from pain using his innovative technique combining exercise, muscle treatments and manipulation.

Helped to raise £250,000 for the Beanstalk Charity

In addition to his regular work, Paul is especially proud of his acknowledged contribution to the raising of £100,000's after his motivational speech at a recent fundraising event.

Spoke at the House of Lords

Working with a number people, including Lord Listowel, Paul has advised on and contributed to work on children's welfare - focused on this within the institutional care system.

Published Against All Odds and became a no1 bestselling author

After deciding to write his life story - Paul went to become a major bestselling author outselling many well known named and taking the Christmas no 1 slot on the Amazon Kindle charts. Currently Against All Odds has sold over 500,000 copies.

Became a family man

My biggest achievement by far - becoming a family man with a partner and two wonderful sons!

Paul is also a successful personal trainer and specialist conditioning coach - his website is  SpecialistConditioning.com