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I am pleased to say that my latest book "Not Normal" is now published on Amazon globally

The latest book from bestselling author Paul Connolly.

An uncensored account of his extraordinary true life story and his lifelong struggle to overcome an abusive childhood and build a 'normal' life for himself and his family.

Put out with the rubbish at 2 weeks old and into the care of the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, Paul Connolly was sent to the notorious St Leonard’s home in Essex, where he heard that he was 'Not Normal' almost daily amongst years of mental, physical and sexual abuse. Childhood friendships made and lost. Total Neglect. Starvation. Sending an illiterate, very angry young man out into the world.

After years of extreme violence in London during the 1980's and 90's mixing with gangsters and a dark underworld, Paul confronted memories and demons from his past in the most shocking ways - eventually discovering that six from eight of the childhood friends he grew up with in St Leonard's were no longer alive.

Great friends and a loving heart transformed Paul’s world and Paul has gone on to help thousands of people as a specialist conditioning coach, sports injury expert, celebrity personal trainer, presenter and best selling author. He works with various charities and is a core participant in the historical child abuse enquiry providing a voice for many of those no longer able to speak up. Above all else, Paul is now most proud of being a loving father to his two sons.

Life has been anything but normal and the demons will never go away, but Paul has learned to smile at them as many of the people that predicted the worst for him are now where they told this vulnerable little boy he would end up.

This is Paul Connolly’s story and it is Not Normal

Not Normal on Amazon UK

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My bestselling book Against All Odds and the sequel Beating The Odds are also both on Amazon and still getting positive reviews!


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Against All Odds

Paul Connolly is a best selling author whose book, “Against All Odds” has topped e-book charts and continues to be a top 10 title in a number of Amazon categories after 5 years.

An autobiography by a first-time author who didn’t learn to read until the age of 25 topped the e-book bestsellers list and appeared as a major title in Amazon's "5 years of Kindle" retrospective.

The story of Paul Connolly, who is now a celebrity fitness trainer and specialist conditioning coach who endured an appalling childhood, has proved so popular it outsold Stieg Larsson’s crime thriller The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo in the Amazon Kindle Christmas charts.

In his first book, Against All Odds, Paul describes how he was abandoned in a dustbin as a two-week-old baby and suffered years of abuse at a children’s home in Essex. He later became a boxer and worked on supermodel Elle Macpherson's workout video The Body.

The book was first published in March 2010 and about 5,000 print copies were sold, however, it saw a surge in popularity since the electronic version was launched and it continues to be a bestseller years after it’s initial launch.

Paul’s story is a remarkable tale of endurance and survival – vivid, disturbing but ultimately uplifting, as the beaten child who was once told ‘you’ll never be worth a thing’ becomes a man with the heart to love, live and embrace the future.

Daily Mail“Against All Odds; The debut author who didn’t learn to read until he was 25, tops e-book charts”

Paul is also a successful personal trainer and specialist conditioning coach - his website is  SpecialistConditioning.com